Talk: Experience and Affection in Edwards’ thought

In Heidelberg this Tuesday, 21 May, the Kirchengeschichtlichen Sozietät will host a lecture of interest to friends of the Jonathan Edwards Center Germany. Prof. Thorsten Dietz, a systematic theologian from the Evangelische Hochschule TABOR, Marburg, will give a talk entitled, ” ‘True religion, in great part, consists in ‘holy affections’: Erfahrungsreligion and Gefühlstheorie bei Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758).”

Prof. Dietz has previously written on German theologian Rudolph Otto, and on Martin Luther, publishing a 2009 monograph on the concept of fear in Luther’s work. Dietz’s current research is focused on prayer and religious experience, the subject that brings his attention to Jonathan Edwards.

He will speak on the topics of experience-religion and theories of affections in Edwards at 8 p.m. in the Seminarrum des Ökumenishcen Instituts, Plankengasse 3.

All are invited.

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